Inside Rosemary’s Kitchen – Behind the scenes

kitchens with rosemary shrager

The beginning...

It’s always nice to have a sneaky peak behind the scenes so I have pulled together a collection of pictures for you to take a look at.  The picture on the left is me talking through how I really wanted my kitchen to look and feel with my design specialist Steve.  

He helps me understand what is and what isn’t possible and I have to say, there wasn’t anything at all that he couldn’t do!  

I moved into a new home and even though my kitchen was lovely,  it just didn’t work for my lifestyle.  I needed to be able to add an island to do my TV shows from home and the wooden worktops were not really to my taste. 

I also wanted my kitchen to look modern with handleless cabinet doors among other things.  On the right you can see me discussing where I wanted my new Island to be placed, this did mean knocking down the wall you can see in the picture where the hob is!  

I’m talking to Steve (a different Steve) in this picture, he is the technical specialist who ensures the plumbing, electrics, building work and so much more is possible. 

kitchens with rosemary shrager

They made it easy.

It’s hard to show you how much was changed in my kitchen, it looked like it had always been that way.  We knocked the wall down in my kitchen to extend it and ensure I had enough room for all the things I needed and the team had to consider so much more than just my kitchen design.  They handled everything for me from start to finish and I could not be happier.

Before and After...

kitchens with rosemary shrager

Rosemary designed her perfect kitchen with us to use for entertaining her friends, filming her new TV shows and for everyday living.  

Why not get in touch to see how we can help you create an affordable, functional and stylish kitchen for your home.  We will design, manage and install your kitchen project from start to finish, with you, for you, around you.  

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