Making The Most Of a Small Space

6 Tips On Making The Most Of Your Small Space

Compact Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the hub of the home, and lately, it has also become the primary living area. However, the floorplans of many UK homes don’t offer much space for them. A lot of us are dealing with small kitchen spaces, so if you’re feeling frustrated with your cramped kitchen, you’re not alone.

Having a small kitchen means we need to get more creative with our design ideas. The good news is that you can be more daring in a small kitchen than in a large one with a kitchen island and oversized refrigerator. By having a petite kitchen, you can also save money on cabinetry and potentially allocate more budget to appliances and lighting.

Opt for a minimalistic black and white colour scheme.

For a kitchen design that is both traditional and modern, consider a simple black and white colour scheme. Install black cabinetry below and a white backsplash with open shelving above to achieve a ‘tuxedo kitchen’ look. The black colour will anchor the overall design, while the white walls add a fresh touch.

 (Image credit: Future PLC / Malcolm Menzies)

Monochrome Kitchen

Combine wood and white elements.

Create a bright and spacious kitchen by sticking to a Scandi-inspired wood and white colour scheme. Use large areas of light-coloured wood flooring and white cabinetry to establish a calm and uncluttered atmosphere.

To add some personality, you can consider adding open shelving and pops of colour through plants or colourful plates and bowls. Using warm-toned lighting can also help to prevent the space from feeling too cold.

Give the illusion of added height by painting the Ceiling

Painting your small kitchen’s ceiling in an unexpected colour can give the illusion of added height and draw the eye upward.

Adding colour to the kitchen is like adding seasoning to food – it can make the space more interesting. Creative Director of Dulux, Marianne Shillingford, suggests adding a splash of colour to the ceiling rather than the walls, and if possible, to the units as well. Using an uplifting blue, like Bright Skies, can be a great option for white kitchens. Alternatively, try a soft tonal checkerboard effect or wavy lines in different sheen levels of the same colour. Shillingford also recommends combining colours in bands and blocks across the walls and ceiling if the units are white, gray or natural wood. Glossy ceilings are also becoming a trend, but it’s important to ensure that the surface is smooth and the correct tools are used for painting a ceiling.”

(Image Credit: Dulux)

Add Unique & Fun Lighting

To spice up a small kitchen, consider incorporating unique lighting such as an industrial copper wire open shelving unit featuring exposed bulbs. This type of lighting not only creates a defined area but also adds a captivating element to the space. Since small kitchens can sometimes feel dull, brainstorm ways to include unexpected and visually appealing details that divert attention away from their size.

Hang Lots Of Hooks

To create an open and spacious ambiance in your kitchen, maximize the use of your walls by installing numerous storage hooks like the silver rail and hooks showcased in this example that are ideal for storing mugs. This way, you can display all your mugs while making them effortlessly accessible for a quick cup of tea. Combining this storage solution with open shelving is a clever strategy to avoid overhead cabinets, which can sometimes give a cramped sensation in a small kitchen. This particular suggestion is especially suitable for those exploring farmhouse kitchen concepts since it adds a comfortable and laid-back vibe to the room..

Consider how you use the space

Maintaining both aesthetics and functionality in the kitchen is essential, regardless of its size. Understanding your daily kitchen routines and requirements is crucial to ensure that your kitchen works for you. For small kitchen designs, planning becomes even more critical to maximize the limited space available. According to Ben from Kitchen Makers, “Small kitchen design typically has to work twice as hard due to the space constraints.” Therefore, consider the equipment, crockery, types of food you want to store, and how you cook when planning your kitchen.

For those who love cooking, prioritizing smart kitchen storage ideas to store cookware and maximizing counter space for food preparation might be the right approach. On the other hand, if you prefer fresh food, ensure that you have enough space to accommodate a generously sized fridge.

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