Autumn Trends 2021

Autumn Trends Kitchens in 2021

Classic kitchens with rosemary shrager

The children are back at school, the summer holidays have come to an end and the evenings are getting darker earlier. We have swapped our t-shirts for jumpers and flip flops for boots and so now the time has come to put the BBQ away and warm up with those cosy, home cooked shepherd pies and lasagnes.

So what are the Kitchen Trends for 2021?  I’ve been having a look and put together this blog to help you create your ‘on trend’ dream kitchen. 

Timeless kitchen trends like traditional farmhouse or minimalist contemporary décor will never go out of style, but there are many new kitchen trends emerging in 2021 that will provide you with a touch of excitement to your kitchen design. 



Green is still on trend for 2021 kitchens, it has really grown in popularity as have dark bold colours in our homes.  Green is an earthy, warm tone, and including it in your kitchen design create a luxurious and dramatic statement. Pair green cupboard doors with natural wood flooring, soft glass lighting and stone worktops for a balanced look .


Two Toned Kitchens

If you have a larger space with and island a key trend is to opt for two different complimenting colours.  Combining two contrasting or complimentary colours is a unique approach to breaking up the kitchen spacing and making a statement with your island. A common combination is matching a dark and bold colour such as a deep blue with a grey or like this our picture we have focused on lighter colours creating a bright and fresh space.  

Textured Cupboards, Worktops and Splashbacks

Incorporating textured elements into your kitchen design will create a modern eye-catching look. Using natural materials such as marble, concrete, wood, and stone in your worktops, splashbacks, cupboard doors, will create a truly stunning design.

Minimalist Kitchens

kitchens with rosemary shrager

Modern and minimal kitchen designs have been trending for many years, and there’s no sign of it stopping any time soon. It’s a practical look that provides a calming and spacious looking environment for cooking and dining, and evokes cleanliness and sophistication. To achieve a minimalist look, opt for light colours and choose handleless cupboard doors for clean edges and sleek lines.

We currently cover the South East of England and create affordable and bespoke kitchen design with you, for you.  Call 0333 772 6188 or email hello@kitchenswithrosemaryshrager.com.  Get in touch to find out how we can create your dream kitchen.

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